This Farmhouse In Delhi Is A Mesmerising Gallery Of Art And Greenery...

This Farmhouse In Delhi Is A Mesmerising Gallery Of Art And Greenery...

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Eye-catching sculptures, exquisite figurines and characterful artworks take cognisance in this home, owned and designed by Pomegranate Design


As the sun gilds the edges of the quadrangle courtyard, a periwinkle Pegasus stands sentinel, casting an invisible dividing line between the terrestrial and the celestial. The sculpture, created by artist Gayatri Sekhri isn’t a surprising find in this home. After all, the Sekhris’ art-meets-architecture aesthetic has long been a defining tenet of Akshay, Ronak and Gayatri Sekhri’s design firm, Pomegranate Design. “In our home, from the moment one enters the property, an equal tapestry of art and architecture begins to unfurl. We believe this is what differentiates this project,” says Ronak.

Fluid Spaces

Sheltering the entryway is a cantilevered roof, wearing deep timber slats. A solo pillar supports the roof, connecting it to the mirror-image deck underneath. “The deck floats over a water channel, before leading visitors further, to the main door. The channel skirts the outer walls of the living room and the puja room, conjuring a fluid connection between the built form and water,” Akshay says. The dining room is flanked by the central courtyard, with a water body.




Leather-finished and sand-blasted granite, window louvres and wood cladding adorn the facade, while cobblestone pathways and gleaming water bodies dapple the circumference. The interior is reigned by an elegant material palette, composed of Kalinga quartz, wooden panels and tactile accents. White walls, variegated with Yana Svetlova wallpaper, cocoon the decor scheme, allowing the potpourri of elements within to take centre stage.



In-house Artworks

A clutch of gilt-leafed figurines, hand-carved sculptures and Stygian statuettes from Gayatri’s oeuvre take pride of place in the home. “Since we have a creative background and have an artist in the family, our focus was on accentuating the interior and exterior with sculptures and artworks,” avers Ronak.



One With the Outdoors

The boundary to the outdoors is almost imperceptible, with rimless glass balcony railings affording sweeping, unhindered vistas of the farmland beyond. Wooden panels were trucked in for the balcony flooring, to offset the polished tiles of the interior. “There’s something special about walking barefoot on the balcony,” muses Akshay.

Al fresco spaces dot the interior and exterior in equal measure. A terrace garden crowns the living room, offering unyielding views of the surrounding countryside. The central courtyard tips its hat to the outdoors, while masquerading as a swish sky lounge.