Art by Gayatri Sekhri is driven by a vision to craft artwork where nature's beauty converges with individualist dreams, departing from the traditional gallery concept.
The magic birthing at the studio is the result of multiple creative elements brought together by a diverse team under the guidance of the co-founders Gayatri Sekhri, Akshay Sekhri & Ronak Sekhri.
Our company endeavors to fuse distinct design sensibilities into our artwork. Engaging local craftsmanship and global perspectives, we offer our services to private, corporate, and commercial clients. Every piece is meticulously sculpted and curated to elevate its individual aesthetic while harmonizing with the surrounding visual environment.

All pieces have been carefully sculpted and curated to ensure that each piece is positioned to enhance its own aesthetic qualities as well as the overall visual surroundings.

Spearheading a creative team across diverse design services, I endeavor to create a unique blends of design sensibilities into my sculptures. Bringing forth the zeal for design and aesthetics together with local craft and global exposure, I am driven to offer services to private, corporate and commercial clients.

As an artist, my work has been exhibited and I have worked with commissions and collaborations, globally. With a law background from Durham University, England, I am a global purveyor of design and aesthetics, bringing an element of luxury to all aspects of Lifestyle and Design.

Our Clients