Art by Gayatri


Bringing forth the zeal for design and aesthetics together, Artist Gayatri Sekhri is driven to offer bespoke sculpture artworks for Architects and Interior Designers with our Partner's Program. As an artist, she has worked with commissions and collaborations, globally. If you are an Architect or Interior Designer looking to serve your clients better, Partner's Program Membership can help you.

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Artist Gayatri Sekhri

The vision for our sculpture collection is to create an environment for enthusiasts that blend nature’s beauty with inspiring works of art, free from the constraints of enclosed spaces of a traditional gallery.

All pieces have been carefully sculpted and curated to ensure that each piece is positioned to enhance its own aesthetic qualities as well as the overall visual surroundings.

As an artist, my work has been exhibited and I have worked with commissions and collaborations, globally. With a law background from Durham University, England, I am a global purveyor of design and aesthetics, bringing an element of luxury to all aspects of Lifestyle and Design.

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